1 Billion+
Global Views

Mark Marinaccio's, Strange Story Company is focused on stories of the unexplained.

From ghosts and monsters to E.T.'s  and UFO's; if it's Paranormal, it's in our wheelhouse.

Mark has been providing unscripted television Development, Consulting E.P. and Showrunner Services to networks, producers and production companies for nearly twenty years.

During that time, Mark has established a solid footprint within the paranormal genre and community and now specializes in telling those stories that make you ask, "What if?"

20 Years

Production Experience

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1 Billion

Global Views

With the expansive reach of cable television and the web, Mark's shows have been seen on networks across more than 50 countries and across the globe  online.

It is estimated that segments of Sex Sent Me to the E.R. alone have been viewed online more than 250 million times.


Hours of Production Experience

With a career spanning more than 15 years, and across all genres of unscripted and scripted reality for networks like A&E, TLC, Discovery, NatGeo, Spike, Tru TV, History, Syfy and more, Mark has amassed an incredible 25,000+ hours of production, most of it in the field directing and producing.


Hours of Television Shows

With long running series like, Sex Sent Me to the E.R., Ghost Hunters and The Ultimate Fighter, Mark has produced, directed or written more than 200 hours worth of television shows that have aired, most of them pulling in more than     1 Million viewers per episode.



Hours of Television


Why do we Explore the Unknown?

What draws us to the Mysteries of the Unexplained?

For centuries humankind has looked to the brightest stars, the deepest oceans and the darkest forests with a wonderful curiosity.

What is it that makes some of us want to go further and dig deeper looking for answers to questions that no one else is even asking?  Why do some of us prefer to watch a sci-fi movie or a ghost hunting television show over a championship basketball game?

What is it about a new question on an unsolved mystery that compels us to listen, read and consider a fringe theory?

Your answer may be the same as mine, and it begins with a question, “what if…”


Life after death, extraterrestrial civilizations, strange beasts, parallel universes, demons, and curses; these are just some of the things that draw us into the unknown, the fringe, the paranormal adventures that we seek out.

We take a leap of faith, into the unknown, the unexplained and the often untold stories of the unknown that surround us all.